Hockey - A game for Life!

BHA Mission Statement

Our Mission is:

  • To provide opportunities for all players, umpires administrators and officials to meet their full potential in the sport of hockey; and
  • To achieve growth in participation in the sport of hockey in Brisbane; and
  • To strengthen and then extend, the base of hockey clubs within our jurisdiction on a sustainable basis.

Core Values

Our Association is built on three core values:

  • Healthy competition on the field; and
  • Active co-operation off the field; and
  • Mutual respect at all times.

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The following are the BHA Inc Office Bearers for 2018.


The Office of the Lord Mayor


Todd Fuller

Life Members

Messrs: EJ Coulter (deceased); HS Josiffe (deceased); GW Moessinger;
A Hayward (deceased); M Harris (deceased); B Garraway;
S Griffin; HAE Spice (deceased); Ron Marsden; EK Spice;
D Hicks; K Leslie; K Mapp; D Salecich; N Ludwig; Paul Saunders;
Greg Swann; Russell Marsden and Mrs Phyllis Hawgood; Mrs June Grant

General Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Kim Rendell

Ron Marsden

Board of Directors

Todd Fuller (Pres); Ron Marsden (Treas); Tony Comerford; Adam Barry;
Russell Marsden; Alison Pritchard; Jacob Toigo; Anthony Kenny;
Dale Heremaia; Mark McLatchey; Nicholas Edds

Hon Auditor

Ray Martin,
Charles Standford & Associates

Judiciary Committee

Appeals Committee

Refer to the BHA Website

Refer to the BHA Website

Finance Committee

Grounds Committee

Refer to the BHA Website

BHA Board as required

All correspondence to the General Secretary
Post: BHA Inc, PO Box 503, MORNINGSIDE Q 4170
Tel: +61 7 3899 4399   Fax: +61 7 3399 9825

More information about Clubs, Fixtures, etc is available from the BHA Inc Website.