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Hockey Brisbane Inc. (HBI)

In 2016/17 a decision was made to form a joint entity between Brisbane Hockey Association Inc. (BHA) and Brisbane Women's Hockey Association Inc. (BWHA). BHA had registered the business name of Hockey Brisbane in 2009, and it seemed logical to use that name for a new, joint incorporated body. After several meetings between BHA and BWHA the new enity was formed and incorporated - Hockey Brisbane Inc. (HBI).

Among the reasons for the formation of the new entity were:

  • Investigating the possible integration of BHA and BWHA activities, products and/or services, where appropriate;
  • Management of the State Hockey Centre should the lease become available;
  • Management of Hockey Zone;
  • and any other activies that could benefit from a joint approach and management.

Hockey Brisbane Inc. was incorporated

The Objects

The objects of the association are:

  1. To manage and develop hockey facilities;
  2. Maximise the field use for a number of users, including but not limited to: hockey association clubs, schools, elite hockey groups, and other community groups;
  3. Maintain the facilities to allow for the efficient and safe use of the complex;
  4. To promote the sport of hockey through the use of the complex.